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With easy-to-use fragmentiX Storage Appliances... can safely store your data split on three or more public or private S3 storage locations. By applying secret sharing algorithms no single part/fragment contains any useful/abusable information. With fragmentiX a mix of cloud storages becomes safer and more resilient than any single cloud storage alone or most of todays local file server.

Your personal and business data - your intellectual property, your documents, data of any kind are interesting and lucrative not only for internet giants, but also for hackers and criminals. fragmentiX products are designed and developed as a technical tool for digital self-defence in order to strengthen digital sovereignty and resilience. fragmentiX products enable maintaining digital sovereignty by protecting your data against abuse, espionage, theft and data loss, even in the emerging age of quantum computers.

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EU project OpenQKD

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) distributes secret digital keys important for protecting highly sensitive data critical to industries like the finance, defense and health sectors as well as the critical infrastructure. At the core of QKD security lies the encoding of singular bits of a key by a single photon, which is transmitted e.g. through an ordinary optical fiber. 

The ambition of the EU project OpenQKD is to reinforce Europe’s global position at the forefront of quantum communication capabilities.

Dell OEM partnership

With years of experience as a technology leader and innovator with world-class sales and support, Dell Technologies is a valuable and reliable partner for fragmentiX.

Through the cooperation with Dell Technologies, fragmentiX can now offer a worldwide support structure to their clients, in an effort to protect their sensitive data against theft, espionage, and data loss, even in critical storage applications.

fragmentiX Secret Sharing

The technology used by fragmentiX is Secret Sharing Algorithms - first published in 1979 by Adi Shamir and continuously developed until today. The product family of fragmentiX Storage Appliances is the result of a close cooperation with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and is embedded in a secure, industrial hardware and software environment.

Technology behind fragmentiX

Secret Sharing  

fragmentiX security is made possible by fragmentiX Secret Sharing. In 1979, Adi Shamir published the fundamental secret sharing algorithms during his career at MIT. Further cryptographers developed other useful methods to optimize secret sharing for different application scenarios. This method states that information is distributed among several instances and a certain number of instances is required to reassemble the information. fragmentiX makes use of scientifically established algorithms to apply secret sharing to digital information. fragmentiX Secret Sharing works by splitting the data into several parts (we call them fragments) that are stored on different locations.

More details about fragmentiX Secret Sharing:

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it-sa is Europe's largest expo for IT security and one of the most important platforms for solutions in the fields of cloud management, mobile and cyber security as well as data and network security in the world. It was a pleasure to be part of Europes's largest IT security expo. WKO did a great job organising a joint expo stand for Austria's IT security companies. You did not get a chance to meet us at our expo stand? Meet us at one of the upcoming events or contact us to schedule a free video conference meeting or meeting in our office.


Events we attended in the past

2020 / August / 12                Information Security in Health Care Conference (presentation by CEO Werner Strasser) - see video

2020 / October / 6-8               UN General Assembly (presentation by CEO Werner Strasser)

2019 / October / 8-10             it-sa - The IT Security Expo and Congress in Nuremberg

2019 / October / 03                DigitAllDay in Vienna (presentation by Isabell Schaller and Nadine Wallner)

2019 / September / 14           Nextcloud Conference in Berlin (presentation by Reiner Meyer-Rössl)

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